Regarding the spreading of doubts about prayer times (MWL)

In his book "The Real Fajr (Dawn) - Between the Quranic Determination and Linguistic Usage" (with the preface written by the two great scholars Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh), the author Ustadh Doctor Ibrahim Bin Muhammed Al-Sabeheeh wrote:

"If a person or an imam comes and says, 'People are praying too early!' and another person says to them, 'Don't pray!' and another group says, 'Repeat the prayer or it is invalid!', then this is sowing doubts in one of the acts of worship. This is not allowed except based on a fatwa (Islamic legal opinion) by the highest authority of Islamic legislation in this country. This is because this matter is related to the most important act of worship, and no person is allowed to interfere in these matters based on their own opinion. People are not qualified to judge astronomical and computational issues, as well as those related to prayer times and their calculation, whether it is about sighting or calculation. Accordingly, this matter should be left to the specialists, so that the matter remains in its original form and it is not allowed to spread doubts about it."


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Regarding the spreading of doubts about prayer times (MWL)

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